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Owens: The New Man
August 10 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers are about half way through training camp, and it looks like Terrell Owens is actually a new man. Owens appears to be genuine in his good nature - should we be surprised? After all the outbursts, all the controversy, some may think that the ‘new’ Owens is night and day from his old self. I tend to think differently.

There was light before there was darkness. Owens and Mariucci were pals a long time before they were at each others throats. Had Owens not paraded on the Cowboy’s star there may never have been darkness - but he did and there was.

Through the peeks and troughs though, Owens never really changed. His commitment to the team never changed. His energy and will to be the best never dissipated, Owens was simply in a controversy with his coach. It was a controversy that the media had over blown.

Sure Owens and Mariucci had their differences, but both wanted the same thing for the team, and neither compromised their ultimate goal for personal interests (though Owens may have felt differently during the Packers game.

Truth of the matter is, it really isn’t surprising that both Owens and Mooch have been able to put this all behind each other. They are both mature adults and are now getting a long. I’m not surprised that things have worked out, and I also won’t be surprised if Owens claims he isn’t getting the ball enough at some point this season. What would surprise me is if Owens questioned Mariucci’s game plans or integrity through public media again.

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