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Injury Status
October 31 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Three 49ers offensive starters missed practice on Wednesday, one of them, Erich Johnson, couldnít sit out - he had to lie down. Johnson, who had an epidural needle to help relax a herniated disc in his back, is still hoping to get onto the field this Sunday. The needle usually takes three days to really take effect, but right now things donít look great for Johnson.

Terrell Owens had an MRI that the team is waiting results on. Owens has a bruised heel. The 49ers will likely rest him most of this week, but donít expect him to miss Sundays game against the Raiders. Owens played in pain last week, and likely will this week too.

Garrison Hearst missed too. Hearst, is still nursing his hamstring injury, but did report to the coaches that he feels better this week than he did at the same point last season. Hearst is expected to play this Sunday.

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