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The Rift To Grow Larger
January 24 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Ok so the 49ers have officially released their expansion list, and on it was not the name of Terrell Owens. Surprised? Well rumors just happened to be rumors, so for at least the time being the 49ers’ superstar will remain in Niners colors. Although the rumors about Owens going to the Texans would have provided the 49ers with a fair bit of compensation - with his spot on the roster as secure as it was three weeks ago, he and the team can now work towards the ultimate goal. That of course being he and Mariucci getting along.

The Owens and Mariucci feud goes way back - and some including Owens don’t think the two will ever get along. This recent rumor is likely going to push the two further apart, as we all know rumors are always based on some truth. So even as Mariucci continues to extend the olive branch to Owens the seem will not be sewn up so quickly.

Owens’ ego had to have been bruised by the rumors of the 49ers wanting to unload him, and with Owens, for whatever reason, a bruised ego usually results in a very public and disruptive response. This of course is something the 49ers must avoid.

The 49ers must get Owens and Mariucci back into a friendly relationship for the simple reason that Owens opinion on how he can be a bigger factor to the 49ers are legitimate and could be information that Mariucci doesn’t see or doesn’t want to see. If the two could put their gray matter together every once in a while, and if the two wanted each other to really succeed then of course both would be more productive.

All that being said, Mariucci must do everything he can to solidify the relationship between the two. Meetings between the two, agreements, mediations whatever it takes to end this feud - it’s in both of their best interests - particularly Mariucci’s who if he could harness Terrell Owens he could have a much more explosive offense. Neither party is fully in the right here, so both parties should put their ego’s aside and work everything out it should be a primary objective of this off-season.

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