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Owens wants to finish career in SF
October 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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A report from the Sporting News on Sunday (you can read the article in yesterday’s Hot Off The Press) suggested that Terrell Owens is not only a new man, but that he genuinely wants to fit in with the 49ers, not just this season, but, forevermore.

Maybe it’s just Owens trying to do something, not even Jerry Rice could, in playing for the 49ers for his entire career, but Owens, who is in the second last year of a contract, and being paid $3.6 million (though his salary cap figure is more than $3 million more than that), said that he wants to be a part of the 49ers organization for the duration of his career.

Owens, who is regarded as one of the leagues best, and who wanted to be put on the expansion draft list this off-season, expressed his desire to stay with the 49ers. He told the Sporting News that "If they [the 49ers] see fit for me to be here, then I will be here, I want to be here as much as they want me here. Yeah, I wanted out of here. But things change from year to year, and I am subject to having a change of heart. I think it has been a lack of communication, even between me and the owner.

The 49ers would certainly like to retain Owens, who will likely demand a grossly large contract. Though if his attitude can drift so much in just a few short months, one really has to hope it doesn’t drift back in the opposite direction after the 49ers commit to him long term. Still a deal would likely get done.

Said General Manager Terry Donahue, "I think we have a better understanding of Terrell at this point, he has a better understanding of communicating with [coach] Steve Mariucci. I think there is real progress in that area. I am not saying everything is always happy and there are not going to be blowups and things going wrong. But I think for the most part we have been able to open up the lines of communication, and we are happy the way things are working."

All signs are certainly pointing to Owens getting a long term deal with the 49ers some time either this off-season or the following one. If the team can get a compliment to Owens at the other receiving position via free agency (David Boston, cough cough), the draft, or even a player finally stepping into the role already on their team - the 49ers’ offense would have the ability to remain potent for a long ways into the future.

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