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Owens Joins Leadership Group
August 16 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Steve Mariucci has an elite group of veteran players that he turns to for advice on game planning, and leadership throughout the entire year. The group of veterans are chosen for both their contributions on and off the field. They are among the most respected players on the team. Jeff Garcia joined the group half way through last season, after receiving an invitation from Mariucci. Terrell Owens had turned down a similar olive branch last season.

Owens is doing everything differently this season though, and that includes joining up with Mariucci’s group. Playing with a new attitude this off-season and finally getting along with his head coach again, Owens will be a great addition to the group that includes fellow receiver J.J. Stokes, center Jeremy Newberry, offensive lineman Matt Willig, offensive tackle Derrick Deese and defensive tackles Bryant Young and Dana Stubblefield as well as Jeff Garcia who was mentioned earlier.

One of the most potent offensive weapons in the league, Owens addition to the group may help the team see certain things that opposing defenses are trying to do to stop the 49ers attack. It may also help Owens feel more involved with the team, even if he doesn’t get as many balls thrown his way.

A quick look down the roster shows some future additions to Mariucci’s group. Ahmed Plummer, who already helps with some coaching tactics is a sure-in, Kevan Barlow, Eric Johnson and Julian Peterson could also eventually assume the role. Garrison Hearst could be asked to join soon too, but Hearst doesn’t really need to be part of the leadership group to be well respected, and a great leader for the 49ers.

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