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Can Owens Continue Success?
October 31 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Terrell Owens has had his best game of the season last week, when he caught eight balls for over 130 yards. It was the type of performance that Owens and the team have been waiting for all season. It was the type of performance that both sides want to see more of.

There are essentially two reasons that I believe have lead to Owens best performance of the season. The first reason, is that Owens is having more fun on the field. After the ‘sharpie’ incident, Owens has done a few small things to poke fun at the league. He’s autographed a camera lens, had team mates expect his sock after scoring a touchdown, and pulled a sharpie from his sock in pre-game warm ups to sign a ball for the fan.

While Owens having fun on the field is certainly contributing to his effectiveness, I have to believe that Garcia getting out of the pocket has been a key contributor too. As Garcia roles out of the pocket it helps dismantle the ‘cover 2’ defense that has plagued the 49ers this year. Garcia did a whole lot of running around last week, and I firmly believe that his chemistry with Terrell Owens, and their ability to improvise played a huge role in Owens best performance.

And so it’s logical to conclude that for Owens to continue to have success, he must continue to have fun on the field. He has to enjoy making plays, and running through defenders. Of course, the team has to continue to let Garcia roll out of the pocket and improvise a little with one of the leagues top talents to make plays.

Further - Terrell Owens has put together two strait games without a dropped pass. This has also contributed to his improved play. I believe that the above two factors help Owens get more open, and so he has more time to catch the ball - so he doesn’t have to try and make the play before he catches the ball. This of course, has lead to improved production. The drop count, by the way, remains at 9 through seven games.

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