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Owens Cheerful Despite Loss
December 18 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Terrell Owens couldnít be kept out of the endzone despite only playing at 75-80% of full health. Playing with an injured groin, that kept Owens out of practice all week, Owens was now where to be found in the first 28 minutes of football. In the final 32 minutes though, Owens caught 8 passes, and one touchdown.

For the first time in his seven year career, Owens went over the 100 yard reception mark. Doesnít that sound a little odd? Owens is known as one of the leagues top receivers and until now, had never caught 100 passes. One may be interested to know though, that it took Jerry Rice six seasons to achieve the same feet, so it isnít all that weird.

Owens 45 yard touchdown was typical Terrell Owens. He caught a fairly long toss by Jeff Garcia, and then used his brute strength to carry a Packer defender into the endzone. Not to be out done by previous touchdown celebrations, Owens borrowed the pompoms of a Gold Rush cheerleader and danced around a bit with the 49ers trailing by just three.

Terrell Owens is having a career year. But with the 49ers needing a score late in the game, Garcia only went to Owens once. Predictably, the 49ers were unable to score. With just one offensive weapon, that can seriously go the distance, this team has become easy to defend, especially when the offensive line isnít holding up. Garcia wonít force the ball in, and with Tai Streets not stepping it up in this game, and JJ Stokes left off the map, with the 49ers two best running backs injured, the outcome was almost pre-determined. Maybe Garcia will learn from this game, sometimes its ok to force the ball to the best player on the field, just make sure you get it in there.

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