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Owens Right To Boycott
October 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Terrell Owens has been boycotting the media ever since their latest attempt to exploit his quotes. By all means, Owens is in the right not to talk to the media. They have spent too much of his career criticizing his actions and words, even when other players mirror his sentiment. So despite having his best performance this season, Owens kept his lips sealed.

Steve Mariucci agreed with Owens’ decision: “That's certainly his decision, there's going to be times when guys are more willing than others." While the 49ers encourage media interaction, and even focus on handling the media in training camp, the team does not mandate that players speak to the media. “That’s certainly his decision.” Mariucci said. "We have sessions in training camp about dealing with the media, but we don't mandate that everyone has to speak to the media for 'X' amount of time. I can't force anybody to speak to the media. There's going to be times when guys are more willing to do that than others. That's a decision the players have to make, and they have their own reasons."

Despite his media boycott, Owens agreed to an interview with ESPN Magazine as the publication wants to do a cover story on the receiver. In recent weeks, Owens has also been in the national media, including on ESPN television, but continues to ignore requests from the Bay Area media.

In avoiding the media Owens is avoiding being criticized for his words and most of his actions. It’s actually been a great publicity stunt for the receiver who is often in malaise because of the media.

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