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Owens Conditioned Well
May 31 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Terrell Owens had fun rejoining his team for this passing camp. Owens back from an outing in the USBL looked very well conditioned in practice with the team. Not only did Owens go through warm-ups with no stress, he and Kevan Barlow did an extra round of wind sprints to end the grueling warm-up.

According to reports, Owens has matured tremendously this off-season, leaving him with a new passion for team sport and competition. As Owens begins to re-assimilate himself with the team, this maturity will be a key factor. Gliding through an extra set of wind sprints to show the rest of the team he is ready for football was a very good way to begin showing that maturity.

Kevan Barlow has been having a stellar off-season too. Thatís why it was too big a surprise to see him running with Owens. Barlow has learned the importance of a good warm-up to prevent injury, and is ready to take on a very big role with the team this year.

Seeing Owens take charge in practice like this, gliding through extra work, is really a great step for Owens. His ability to mesh with the rest of the team, and with head coach Mariucci will be key to the 49ers success this season. The continued good news on Barlow further substantiates that he will be a bigger part of the offense this year, possibly unseating Hearst for the starting position by the end of this season - of course, that is pending his off-season conditioning and improvements translate on the field.

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