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Owens Back Playing Ball
May 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Terrell Owens was back on the hard wood on Wednesday. Returning from his personal time in Orlando (during which itís believe he participated in a charity basketball game). Recent revelations from Owens seem to show he has matured as a player, and heís ready to once again get serious about football. Of course, that brings a smile to nearly every 49ers supporter.

Owens return to the court however was his best outing yet. Scoring a personal best 14 points, Owens helped contribute to the Wildcats 124-95 whooping of the visiting St. Louis Skyhawks. Most importantly, Owens once again escaped without injury.

Owens is expected to play just a few more games before he returns to conditioning strictly for football and re-uniting with the team. And when he does return to the 49ers, we may see a different Terrell Owens. We may finally see him get along with his coach, and to bond with team mates - of course all this may be wishful thinking, but Owens did demonstrate the ability to do so with his team mates in the USBL.

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