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Two More Reasonsí Owens Should Stick To The NFL
May 10 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Terrell Owens must feel like he is living in some sort of bazaaro world. In the NFL, heís a star, the go to guy. Heís used to the spotlight and being an impact player. But in the USBL, Owens is none of the above. He played in his second game recently, and was actually in the starting line up. But it didnít matter. Owens only recorded two points and also turned over the ball several times.

The two points Owens scored brings his season total to a whopping nine points. Nothing special certainly, and Owens has stated that he feels like he is letting his team mates down. But he continues to forget about his 49ers team mates who are worried sick that he will injure himself playing ball.

Clearly Owens canít play at this level, and because off that, he stands at an even greater risk of injury. Two points. Thatís it. Two points. When is Owens going to realize that he should stick to football?

The truth is, any USBL team or non professional team would love to have Owens on their team, but certainly not because of his play. Owens brings the fans in, and if he thinks heís playing basketball for any other reason, heís dead wrong. The sooner he realizes that he should be a one sport man, the better off he and the 49ers will be.

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