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Owens Continues To Drop Ball
November 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Terrell Owens dropped another very catchable ball on Sunday. His drop was unofficially the tenth drop of the season in which the ball hits his hands, and falls to the ground without a player forcing the ball to the ground. The drop count does not include passes which are broken up by defenders, or which Owens canít get his hands on, or simply misses, nor does it include passes in which Owens simply stops running after the ball.

Owens tenth drop comes after a stretch of two games in which he didnít drop the ball. The two game stretch was the longest of the season for Owens. Coincidentally it was also the first game in which JJ Stokes returned to the field.

The 49ers offense resorted to the short pass, which is why Owens felt he had to make a big play. When Owens feels this way he often tries to turn and make a play before ever catching the ball. More often than not, this leads to dropped balls, and no gain at all.

The 49ers need to get the ball to Owens further down the field to get rid of this sense of urgency that he feels. They did so successfully for two consecutive weeks, at which time the 49ers offense appeared to be on the rise. For best results, the team should get back to this method.

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