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Back To Camp
August 6 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers will return to training camp today with their two a day practices. Likely jet-lagged the practice will likely look sinfully out of sync. Still returning to the normal schedule is very important.

After the first pre-season game the coaches likely have a better impression of the depth on their roster. They will know what areas still need work and what needs emphasizing.

Donít expect training camp this week to focus much on the 49ers next opponent, the Cheifs. The team will treat this week like it did last, focusing on training camp practices rather than game planning. Mariucci and his staff have to make up for lost time as they still have not implemented all of their offensive and defensive packages. This week, the team hopes to finish installing all of those. Thus, allowing them to start focusing on the final three pre-season games with a little more sincerity. Steve Mariucci has always been in favour of a three game pre-season anyway.

There is still a very big drop off between some of the first string talent, and the rest of the depth chart. While the 49ers have lots of depth at some positions, the offensive line, and defensive backs in particular are not nearly as strong on the depth chart behind the starters. The team will continue to work the younger players throughout training camp and pre-season to help close this gap. Still Mariucci canít ignore his starting squad or they could become too rusty.

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