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Addressing Confusion
July 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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There has been a fair bit of turmoil in trying to determine when the 49ers will play the Redskins. The silly imaginary line that runs more or less down the middle of the Pacific Ocean, known as the “International Date Line” is the culprit of all the confusion. Well have no fear! 49ers Paradise is hear to the rescue.

According to the television schedule found on ESPN, where the game will be televised, the game will be held on Saturday, August 3rd, at 10:00 PM EST or 7:00 PST. ~Sigh Of Relief~ Now we can take our nerves off edge, and reformat our schedules to get our first glimpse of the 2002 49ers.

Typically, the starting squad is expected to play only through the first quarter. Some players, in particular Jeff Garcia, and those nursing injuries may be pulled even before that. The 49ers have five pre-season games this year, and considering that they are fending off the injury bug as it is, it would make sense to try and preserve the fragile.

The 49ers will likely use the game to get a very long look at the depth at quarterback behind Garcia, and to help them make some decisions, particularly at kicker, punter, running back, and safety.

Jeremy Newberry is still expected to miss the game. As a result, Newberry may not make the trip, choosing instead to rest and strengthen his injury. The 49ers leave for Osaka Japan on Wednesday.

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