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September 20 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Now that the team knows how to spell originality, they can begin to implement it into the team. The 49ers have become a painfully boring offense, letting defenses dictate to them where the ball is going to go. The result has been two games where the 49ers failed to score 20 points in a row (three if you include the loss to Green Bay in the playoffs last season).

Itís time to open up the play book, not open up the offense. This my friends is a common misconception. The 49ers should not be forcing the ball 50 yards down field two out three times, they donít have the personnel or the designed plays to do that. Rather the team should be opening up its playbook and finding plays that it simply isnít using.

Plays like the slant or rolling out the quarterback on an option in the most basic form, but also the reverses, the flee flickers, halfback option passes and statue of liberties. Plays that are not necessarily designed to be immensely successful, but do help keep a defense honest.

The 49ers need these plays to help free up their receivers down field, and to give the offensive line some help in keeping defenses from Ďbringing the houseí. This of course, would make the job of Jeff Garcia and the rest of the offense much easier. The team needs these plays to help dictate the course of the game. They can not expect to win by simply running the same bland offense week in week out. Itís simply to predictable.

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