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Schedule Break Down Part 4 of 6
April 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
A three game stretch that could pit former Canadian Football League Quarterbacks against each other (Depending of course on whether Doug Flutie starts in San Diego), this game should be pretty entertaining. The Chargers are on the brink of becoming a legitimate football team, and the 49ers can't afford to take this game lightly. Nor can they look past it to the Eagle game that will challenge them from every angle.

Facing the Eagles at home for the second consecutive season, this game has nail biter written all over it. If last season's seven consecutive goal line stands doesn't have the Eagles hungry to win this game, nothing will. The Eagles are also one of the most complete teams the 49ers will face. An aggressive defense, and an offense lead by a quarterback that can throw with guys dangling from his arms - this game will require the 49ers to summon all their might to win.

The team will face the Seahawks for the second time in the following week. Hosting them this time, the Hawks will get a nice welcome to the swampy, windy 49ers Stadium (who knows what it will be called by then). This game will be another one of those games that will be hard because of the emotional let down from the previous week. It's always hard to win a game after a big one - and with Mike Holmgren formerly engineering the 49ers offense, this game will be Mariucci's chance to prove he is a worthy successor in the line of 49ers coaches.

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