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Schedule Break Down Part 3 of 6
April 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers begin the next three game stretch welcoming another opponent to the NFC West. The 49ers first match-up against the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC West will have the 49ers returning home for the game. Arizona is a very tricky team to read. On paper, lead by Jake Plummer and David Boston the team always looks like it can be damaging, but very rarely accomplishes much. Isolating the aforementioned weapons will go a long way to winning this game for the 49ers. Conversely however, the team can't afford its new foe lightly.

A game the entire Bay Area is looking forward too, the 49ers will cross the Golden Gate to visit the Raiders in Oakland. These long time rival franchises are finally both on top of their games - each making the playoffs last season. The Raiders will be under the guidance of a new coach, but with veterans like former 49er Jerry Rice (still kills me to write that), Tim Brown, and Rich Gannon the Raiders will be one of the toughest opponents the 49ers will face this season. This game will have all the hype, and should likely be one of the most exciting of the entire season. And if Jerry Rice has anything to say to San Francisco - you better believe it will be said in this game.

Rounding out a three game stretch, the 49ers will return home to play the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are another opponent that always plays the 49ers hard. The two sides don't meet often, but when they do it's usually an all out battle. Look for the 49ers to try and attack on offense to the highest degree in this game. If the 49ers offense isn't runing on all cylinders yet - this game could do it for them. Of course, it could also be a game where everything seems to fall apart.

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