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One Year Ago
August 2 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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One short year ago the 49ers were also opening up pre-season, but some all time greats were being forever enshrined into the NFL Hall Of Fame. 49ers alumni, Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, and Dave Wilcox all were inducted to the Hall Of Fame in Canton Ohio last season. This year’s enshrinements will take place tomorrow.

One year ago, the 49ers were not sure if Garrison Hearst would ever play football again. This year, Hearst and his partner in crime are hopping to each post 1000-yard seasons.

At this time last year the 49ers did not know if quarterback Jeff Garcia was fluke, or the real deal. Another 30+ touchdown season and another trip to the Pro Bowl, and the 49ers are finally completely confident in their starting quarterback.

At this time last year, the 49ers knew their starting offensive line would return in entirety. This season, the team knows that the starting offensive line will have one new player, and another switching his position.

Last year, the 49ers were depending on rookies Kevan Barlow, Eric Johnson, and Andre Carter to play huge roles on the team, with the rest of the draft class also contributing heavily. This year, the 49ers are depending on just one two rookies, Mike Rumph and Jeff Chandler to step into the team and be big contributors, giving the rest of the draft class time to blend into the team.

Last year, the 49ers believed their starting safeties would be Lance Schulters and John Keith. This year the 49ers starting safeties will be Tony Parrish and Zack Bronson.

Last year at this time, the 49ers cornerbacks Ahmed Plummer and Jason Webster will still question marks. This season, the only question is whether Mike Rumph will fit in with this dynamic duo.

This year’s 49ers team is worlds apart from last years version. Seeing them play tomorrow night in their first exhibition game is sure to be an exciting way to begin the NFL season.

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