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The OL Grades Out
May 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
In a recent report from CBS SportsLine, it was stated that during the post season team grading, the offensive line was graded as follows (from best to worst): Jeremy Newberry, Dave Fiore, Scott Gragg, Derek Deese, and Ray Brown. Interesting Brown was also voted to the Pro Bowl, while Newberry was only an alternate. The 49ers have already had some turnover on the offensive line - and they are considering even more.

Ray Brown will be replaced this season with Ron Stone. Brown had a tremendous season early on, but began to where out as the season closed, and thus is not likely to return to the 49ers, unless both sides agree that a backup capacity is suitable. Brown however is likely to be reduced after June first.

The team is interested in upgrade over Derek Deese as well. There were rumors this off-season that this would be Deeseís final season with the team. Blake Brockermeyer, is one candidate for the position, but Bockermeyer is recovering from injuries, and may not be 100% by the start of the season. Ideally, the team would sign Brockermeyer, and keep Deese in order to give Brockermeyer time to get healthy, and to give the 49ers a very versatile and deep offensive line.

The team is quite happy with the protection they have for Jeff Garcia. Sure they would like a brick wall in front of him, but as they stand now, the team is definitely satisfied. Itís likely that the team will at least express interest in some free agents who can upgrade the position, but the price will have to be right for them to make a move.

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