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Typical 49ers, Mix-Matching
April 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers made it their business to upgrade the offensive line this off-season. The first move was deciding not to keep Ray Brown around for the coming season. The team then signed Ron Stone, a former Pro Bowler, who is nearly ten years Brown's junior to replace Brown. The team also drafted two offensive lineman in Kyle Kosier and Eric Heitmann.

At the start of mini-camp though, the 49ers were back to their old selves mix-matching the offensive line to find the right combination. It's no wonder they like versatility in their players. Up until last season the 49ers seemed to shuffle their offensive line in a somewhat predictable manner.

On Friday the team's starting lineup had Dave Fiore move from left to right guard, to allow Ron Stone to play at his Pro Bowl position. Stone has played both guard spots, and tackle in his career, but excelled in the right position. The move also places Stone next to Scott Gragg. The two played along side each other with the Giants.

The 49ers are not yet set in the current offensive line, lineup, but with Fiore being so versatile, having played every spot along the line, and Stone in his natural and best position, it seems like the team may indeed go with these two at the spots they started camp at.

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