McKittrick’s Coaching Lives On --10/16/01
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Bobb McKittrick was one of the greatest coaches ever at the NFL level. The all around ‘great guy’ was a friend, advisor, coach and family member to many, and somehow, even in his last days before he was taken by Cancer, Bobb always had time for his 49ers.

McKittrick was constantly asked to work wonders with the offensive line. Often he was given little talent, but somehow he took small, quick lineman and taught them the intricacies of the game to the point where they were never really a problem for the 49ers. McKittrick prided himself on having a fast, agile and versatile line, something he taught Pat Morris as he groomed Pat to succeed him.

This past week we saw evidence of McKitrick’s spirit still living on in the 49ers. With no centers left on the offensive line, the team moved Dave Fiore to center the hardest spot to play on the offensive line. Fiore had never played center at the NFL level before, and had just one week to practice. The team also moved John Milem out of position.

The mix-matched offensive line struggled at first. But then they started to find some chemistry and really picked up there game. The run blocking allowed Garrison Hearst to average 6.5 yards per carry, and gave Garcia enough time to pass for over 300 yards. McKitrick had to have been smiling as he watched his protégé Pat Morris reach success the hard way.

The 49ers are lucky that they only had to play one game in such a mixed up offensive line. With the off week this week, the team expects that both centers, Jeremy Newberry and Ben Lynch, to be available for the game against the Bears. It’s just nice to know that the 49ers are still that versatile, quick and agile offensive line that took this team to so many wins over so many years. Yes Bobb had to have been smiling on Sunday.

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