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Okeafor Over Engelberger?
August 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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According to a recent report, it appears that John Engelberger may have lost his spot to Chike Okeafor on the starting defensive line. While both have had good off-seasonís it appears that Okeafor has finally excelled to the point where the 49ers feel confident in starting him. Surprisingly, Okeafor was drafted as a pass rushing specialist, thus seeing him as an every down player seems a little odd.

Engelberger has added more muscle this off-season, as he seems to do every year, and until recently the starting spot seemed to be his. A very solid player against both the run and the pass, it appeared that he would once again be starting for the 49ers.

While training camp is a teeter-totter, and Engelberger could still win back the position, it seems, at least for the moment that Okeafor is the front runner. The starting lineup of the 49ers first pre-season game will be a good indicator.

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