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Oh What A Summer
August 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Mark this Thursday, August 15th on your calendar. The 49ers will break from training camp at the University of Pacific Stockton on this day and will return home to Santa Clara. The 49ers have had an adventurous summer so far, battling injuries and traveling the globe. Still little has changed on the anticipated 53-man roster.

The 49ers will cut down their roster from 80 to 65 shortly after breaking from camp. This cut down is hard to make, but given the 49ers luxury of returning so many players from last season to this, the team may have itís easiest time in years at this cut down.

Practice does not end after training camp though. Rather the team will continue to hold regular practices at itís head quarters. These practices will at first be very similar to the training camp practices as the 49ers try and make up for some of the lost time they experienced on their trip to Japan. Following that, the team will shift itís focus to proper game preparation, and more complex schemes - both of which are easier to implement with fewer players to teach.

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