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Offensive Ingenuity
November 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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In the first half of the game against the Chiefs the 49ers took all the reigns off trying to score. Gregg Knapp and Steve Mariucci were on the same page right up until the final seconds of the half. The two coaches held nothing back, firing their offense off on all cylinders.

A good example of just how open the 49ers offense was, one need not to look farther than the two end arounds the team ran with Terrell Owens. However, should one wish to look farther, they could look at the play action, half back toss that lead to Kevan Barlow’s touchown.

While many are still arguing that the 49ers offense became to conservative against the Chiefs in the second half, my view is that they became deflated rather than conservative. After walking away without points on their final drive of the first half, the coaching staff and Jeff Garcia became distracted. It was a state I’ve never before seen from the 49ers, and one I hope I never see again.

With the team’s top guns not focused on the task at hand, they were unable to get the offense rolling in the second half. The plays the team ran were run without full concentration on the game, and the current situation, and so the team was unable to effectively move the ball in the second half of the game.

Further - Eric Johnson returned to practice, and James Jordan was added to the practice squad.

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