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NFL Officials Visit Camp
July 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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On Monday several NFL Officials were in attendance at the 49ers training camp. Each off-season, officials make their rounds to the different clubs to teach the team, and the writers for the team changes to the NFL rules. Given that the 49ers have the first pre-season game of the year, the officials made the 49ers one of their first stops.

The officials participated in the squad’s eleven on eleven drills. They were calling penalties as if it was a real game, and were consistent right down to the play clock. After each penalty, whether it was new or old, the officials would explain to the team and coaches why the penalty was called.

Having the officials in to referee a practice is a great warm up for the team. It gets the feeling of a regularly paced game flowing, and allows the team to ask questions about what is legal and what is not. Of course it also gives the officials some time to warm up so that they are ready for the pre-season, and on the ball in making the right calls, and of course ‘non calls’.

Last season, Steve Mariucci managed to keep his team disciplined. The team drastically reduced the amount of penalties and penalty yardage they gave up. Mariucci expects no less from this year’s squad, and will work extremely hard on not ‘beating themselves’.

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