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Attention Off Brock, On To Jackson, Flannigan
June 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Earlier this off-season it seemed that the 49ers were extremely interested in signing Willie Jackson to the roster. That was of course, until Blake Brockermeyer appeared available. But with Brock once again out of the picture, the 49ers can focus on actually getting a deal done with one of two coveted free agents.

As mentioned Willie Jackson will become a greater focus for the 49ers. He is now 50% of the players the 49ers are eyeing in the free agent market, thatís a 17% jump all in one day. Defensive lineman Jim Flannigan comprises the other 50% and had a similar jump over the same period.

The 49ers believe that Jackson could bring a real presence to the 49ers receiving squad. He would immediately challenge JJ Stokes for the second starting position this season. In the event that he was to win such a position, Stokes and Tai Streets would be in a heated battle for number three on the depth charts.

Jim Flannigan would step right into the 49ers defensive tackle rotation. At the position, Flannigan would push Reggie McGrew and John Schlect. Both of the current 49ers have reportedly improved this off-season, but whether that improvement is great enough to keep Flannigan down on the depth charts remains to be seen.

Both these players have the potential to improve the 49ers roster. Depending on how the dice roll, both could be significant players for the 49ers. Whether or not they will be signed will depend largely on their willingness to accept a virtually non-negotiable deal from Terry Donahue.

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