Odds and Ends---18/12/98

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The 49ers are a much different team now, then they were at the begining of the season. During the off-season the 9ers were predicted to be an offensive machine, their defense was supposed to be pretty close to last seasons. Since game 1 however, we have seen some interesting things. For one, even though the 9ers originally were all pass, they have reverted to the run as the season has progressed. Realizing that the best attack is diverse. Garrison Hearts is having a Pro Bowl season. He is really makeing 49ers fans say "Ricky who?". Steve Young is also haveing a miraculous year. He has thrown for 300 yards in more games then anyone before him. Though his completion percentage is a little down, Steve is still the heart and soul of the 49ers. Jerry Rice, who many people thought would be his regular self upon return has shown he still has the hands, but not so much the legs. Steve Young is constantly overthrowing Rice, because of Rice's lack of speed and break away ability. Now don't get me wrong Rice is still an incredible WR, and leads the team for receptions. Terrell Owens is the 9ers future at the WR spot. He has shown that he can catch run, and make that play. He, Young and Hearst are the play makers.

On defense the 9ers are so fortunate. Last season they lead the league, and this season have dropped to the middle. Some reasons for this are the lack of good execution from the defensive backfield, mainly due to injury. Marqueze Pope has been out for almost the entire season again, and I personally would be shocked if he stays with the 9ers over the off-season. Antonio Langham, the much hiped free-agent CB of the 9ers had a terribly slow start, and was then benched and injured. He is just now recovering, hopefully he will find his game too. Darnell Walker has been extremely solid at DB. On the very rare occasion he was beaten long, but for the most part he has played well. The most negative point about Walker are that he drops interceptions. Replaceing Pope/Langham is rookie RW McQuarters. Mc Q as he is reffered to is a good player, learning more and more each game. Significant improvement has been made in his game, but he still needs more work. Merton Hanks has been hampered by injury for most of the season, and only has 3 interceptions, all in the last four games. Tim McDonald, as usual has played well. A brutal blow to the team was the loss of Bryant Young. Odly enough, it may be what the team needed with the way they played defense against Detroit.

The front office has shattered. This person going there so is that person and that person while this person is idicted and that persons sister hates football. Not to mention the rumours of Bill Walsh, and Mike Holmgren. The 9ers brought in Larry Thrainkill and John McVay. McVay had drawn up a contract for Mariucci, that would give him extra responsibilities in the team. However Mariucci hasn't signed the contract yet. Worse yet, Terrell Owens and JJ Stokes are both free agents after the season. The 9ers said it would be their top priority to get the signed, but obviously they haven't worked hard enough.

With so much going on within the franchise, it truly is remarkable that the 9ers are in the playoffs, and with a little luck can clinch the NFC West. All they need is to win their last two, and Detroit to beat Atlanta. With many players on the 9ers ageing, and the QB position in serious question for the future (Drukenmiller has show little promise, couldn't even hold onto number 2 position), a Super Bowl win now, would be very, very appropriate. . Talk about it in the 49ers forum

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