Number 12- 03/30/2000
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After finishing the season with a dismal record of 4 wins 12 losses, the 49ers were awarded their highest draft pick in over two decades; however, in a draft pick trade with the Washington Redskins the 49ers elected to move down to the number 12 spot in the draft picking up another first round pick, as well as a fourth and fifth round pick. The 49ers need people to fill out their roster, and with the possibility of the top two defensive studs (Courtney Brown and Lavar Arrington) being drafted before the 49ers could have picked one at the third position, the move seems to make lots of sense. Thus the 49ers are left with three situations, either continue to trade down, draft QB Chad Pennington or draft the best defensive player available at the time.

At the number 12 spot, and with so many holes to fill, trading down is a distinct possibility. There are however some situations where the 49ers will almost definitely trade down. It is my belief that the 49ers would like to select QB Chad Pennington or DE Shaun Ellis with the 12th pick in the draft. Thus if the situation arises that both player are available, the 49ers will likely trade down to about the number 17 spot. If both players are still available at this point the 49ers may continue to trade down. If Chad Pennington is around at the number 12 spot, and Ellis isn't, the 49ers may still trade down until about the number 17 spot because the teams between 12 and 17 are not likely looking to draft a QB.

Drafting Chad Pennington is obviously a move the 49ers are considering. Pennington is the best available QB in the draft, and the only QB who could come in and start right away, while learning on the move. The 49ers have been very impressed with Pennington, but may not be able to get their hands on him with both the Steelers and Broncos drafting before the 9ers.

The third likely scenario is that the 49ers take the best available defensive player. That player could be DE Shaun Ellis, who is an excellent pass rusher with good pursuit and run stopping ability. Many regard Ellis as the second best DE in the draft, second only to Courtney Brown. The other defensive player the 49ers may look to at the number 12 spot is LB Brian Urlacher. Urlacher would fill a void in the 49ers defense that not only needs a starter but it needs back up players too. Urlacher is fast and tenacious; he would be a huge help in the 49ers defense.

These are a few of the likely scenarios that the 49ers will be facing come draft day. At the number 12 spot the 9ers are likely to find a player that can start for the team. If they elect to trade down the extra picks will also benefit the team in filling out the roster. The draft is coming soon and with Bill Walsh on the job trading around should be expected.
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