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Nothing To Buy?
May 25 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
I think I figured out why the 49ers three-million dollars (or so after rookies are signed) in free cap space has gone unused. I was searching for a birthday present yesterday, virtually looking to give up money. I wasnít looking for anything in particular, and any good salesman could likely have seen me coming. Yet I walked away empty handed and with a full wallet. What gives you ask? There was simply nothing to buy. A whole mall, two floors, acres of stores and even more parking, and yet no present, I know thatís hard to believe, but itís unfortunately true. It was at that point that it occurred to meÖ ĎMaybe Donahue is feeling the same wayí.

With so much money to spend, itís hard to believe that Terry Donahue hasnít been spending like crazy. Heís had opportunity, by all reports to sign at least two more players this off-season in Blake Brockermeyer and Willie Jackson, who both appear as players who can boost the team. But Donahue has restrained. Either heís not so high on these guys, he believes more talent will be available later, or he doesnít think either player is worth what they are asking.

The 49ers are apparently interested in signing more free agents. Theyíve stated that there are still a number that they are in contact with, (likely the aforementioned two are on the short list) but they stay put. I find it rather easy to brush aside the notion that Donahue doesnít like what he sees. Both Brockermeyer and Jackson are talented players, and I fully recognize that, and so has the team. But after spending a day shopping for that present, it occurred to me that, an ďokĒ gift idea really wasnít good enough. Maybe Donahue feels that the talent of these two players simply isnít that much better than anything he has. Iíll admit itís still a little hard to agree to, or grasp, which is why Iím leaning to one of the two other possibilities.

Thereís a good chance that Donahue wants to see who will be released after June first. There are usually several free agents, cut to save salary cap room, that are quite talented. Donahue may want to see who else is out there, before shelling out big dollars to, two rather reputable players.

Still the third alternatives, of hoping that contract demands will drop as the off-season progressed, and / or the free agent gets flooded. Donahue may simply be looking for a Ďstealí. Itís this third alternative that I find most appealing. Maybe itís that it hints at the team signing both Brockermeyer and Jackson, maybe itís just that itís better than the alternatives. Regardless, I can see how spending that money can be so extremely hard.

Oh by the way - if you have any good ideas for a present for a 23 year old male, computer and karate entusiast, Iím very interested in hearing from you. >

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