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First Day Of Camp Done, No Jackson
May 23 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Last week there were some reports that the 49ers could sign free agent receiver Willie Jackson as early as yesterday. Jackson is a man that has expressed interest in joining the 49ers, and that the 49ers expressed interest in having - but so far no signing. There is little doubt that Jackson would improve the 49ers receiving squad, he most certainly would either as the secondary or tertiary man, and he would push JJ Stokes to become a better player too. Jackson could be a missing ingredient to this team.

For some reason however, a deal has not been struck between the two sides. Either or both may be waiting for a day closer to June 1st where Jacksonís value could increase or decrease depending on what teams release receiver and what teams are looking for them. So this could be one big reason why there hasnít been a signing yet.

Iím a big supporter of bringing Jackson to the 49ers. I love that he has a desire to play on the team, I love that he wants to play with his brother, and I fully believe he will upgrade an already talented bunch. The amazing part is, heíd be affordable too. The 49ers should get this deal done. It could go a long ways to taking the offense to that next tier.

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