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Donít Be Fooled
September 24 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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At first glance, the 20-10 score of the 49ers second victory of the season looks pretty good. One is left with a good feeling, especially after the team failed to reach twenty points in its first two games of the season. The twenty points however, hardly indicate the type of game the 49ers played.

The points donít indicate how much of a dog fight this game actually was. How much trouble the 49ers had in the redzone or converting third downs. No the twenty points do not indicate the troubles that the 49ers offense had, even when Jeff Garcia (and yes, he was sick, so that has to be taken into account) was in the game.

The twenty points did not show how the 49ers scored points only one out of 9 times, or about 11% of the time that they started with the ball in their own territory. The twenty points certainly donít indicate how much trouble the 49ers actually had moving the ball down field, leading to their seven punts throughout the game.

Yes the 49ers scored 20 points, and that was a good thing, as was the 250+ rushing yards. And yes it could have been more points had the team converted at the end of the game from inside the redzone, or had Terrell Owens caught a pass that went through his hands at the goal line. Those things didnít happen though, and so while the twenty points look good at initial glance, a more in depth view, shows there are still a lot of questions to be answered.

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