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Cut Down To 53
August 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The final NFL cut down to the 53-man roster must occur before Sunday at 1 PM PST. At this point, teams will have to cut their roster from 65 players, to 53 players including NFL Europe players. In other words, NFL Europe exemptions will be lifted at this point.

The 49ers will have some very tough decisions to make as they try and hammer out a squad with the best possible depth everywhere. Key battles at place kicker, backup running backs and linebackers will highlight the cutdown news.

The 49ers will also scavenge the waiver wire to possibly add a player or two, that are actually better than some of those on the current roster. Itís unlikely they make any major changes here, except for at punter where Jason Baker has been inconsistent.

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