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No Decisions
June 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers are awaiting two decisions regarding two different players on their team. Neither has been made yet. The first, is regarding Terrell Owens, and whether he will return to the Wildcats to participate in the USBL playoffs, the second is regarding Giovanni Carmazzi.

Although Terrell Owens has not given any indication as to which way he is leaning, coach Mariucci expressed faith in Owens making the right decision. “That's a decision he's got to make," Mariucci said. "He'll do the right thing” It’s this type of comment that shows that the player and coach have a new found respect for one another.

Giovanni Carmazzi is frustrated with his injuries. The 49ers have contacted his agent about and injury settlement. Here too, no decision has been reached yet, but it appears that Carmazzi, the former third round pick, will either reach the settlement or spend another year on the physically unable to perform list.

These are just two of the big questions surrounding the 49ers as they begin their summer break. An answer is likely not far off, so stay tuned.

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