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No Clark, No Problem
March 18th 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
When the 49ers signed Tight End Justin Swift last week, they took an important step in solidifying the depth at tight end, and in securing that they wont miss Greg Clark for the second strait season. Now, Swift is not an all pro tight end, and his one year contract is hardly block buster, but the importance of his signing is quite paramount.

In Swift the 49ers get a good blocking tight end that blends extremely well with starter Eric Johnson. He's experienced within the 49ers system, and has proven his use in the run and pass game. An all around solid player, Swift is an ideal backup. He compliments Johnson's loose ends with precision.

With a one-year contract both the 49ers and Swift are flexible. The 49ers would obviously like to look to continue to upgrade in all areas, and next season, tight end could be one of those areas. Alternatively it gives them the flexibility no to sink lots of money into a backup caliber player, and a position where second stringers are always available.

For Swift it means another year of growing within the 49ers system. It gives him another opportunity to prove his worth, and certainly the $375 000 in his pocket 'ain't so bad either. Swift will continue to be the run specialist at tight end for the 49ers, as Eric Johnson continues to improve his blocking techniques. The two should pick up right where they left off last season, leaving the 49ers and the fans wondering just why the team spent so much time and money on Greg Clark.

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