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49ers Losing Out On Brockermeyer
June 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers made it clear that they would stick to an extremely strict salary schedule as the team proceeded through this free agency period and into the future. Terry Donahue believes that long term success will come largely from managing the salary cap properly, and there’s no real reason to doubt him. It’s for that reason that the team has lost out on signing Blake Brockermeyer.

The 49ers made in the injured offensive lineman a rough offer. The contract was typically incentive structured because of the injury Brockermeyer is recovering from. They also told him to shop himself around and take the best offer he could - if he came back to the 49ers at the right price, they’d be happy to have him. And so Blake shopped, and what he found was the Denver Broncos.

As 49ers Paradise reported before the draft, the 49ers and Broncos were the teams most interested in Brockermeyer. It now appears that Brockermeyer will sign with the Broncos for a one-year deal worth $650 00 and a singing bonus of about $700 000 with incentives, the contract could be worth a maximum of $2.4 million. If Brockermeyer stays with the Broncos for next season, he will receive a bonus of about $4 million.

There is much question about the health of Brockermeyer. Still the 49ers were interested in him. The 49ers have confidence in their offensive line, but would still like to improve it, particularly on the left side. There is still the slim possibility that the team will bring Ray Brown back in a reduced role at a reduced salary - but that is highly unlikely. The progress of some of the depth offensive linemen, like Eric Heitmann and Matt Willig may play a big part on whether the 49ers continue to pursue offensive linemen this off-season, and how the team approaches next season’s draft.

With Brockermeyer signing elsewhere, it does open the door for the 49ers to pursue Willie Jackson or Jim Flanigan, though they are not likely to make either a huge offer.

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