Nice Guy- 05/14/2000
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For years, the 49ers have been pushovers. The problem is not on the field but rather during the off-season. It seems like every year it's another issue. Another team talking to the 49ers players. This season alone has seen both Denver and Washington in the midst of rumors about Steve Young and Jerry Rice. My proposal: no more Mr. Nice Guy. It couldn't be any simpler than that.

The 49ers have clearly been on the short end of deal after deal, and the NFL refuses to step in. I'm not saying the 9ers were cheating, but I think it's fair to say, that tampering charges are in order. The tampering rule in the NFL states that no team can talk to a player under contract without prior consent from the players organization. The 49ers are notorious for dismissing other teams tampering actions as accidents.

Enough is enough. At some point, hopefully this season it will dawn on the 9ers that they are not doing the team any good. Team after team has taken their chances, and the 9ers, who currently need all the help they can get don't do anything.

The question is: why not? Winning a tampering suit, usually results in an extra draft pick. The draft pick is usually matched according to the players ability, and with teams trying to persuade Young and Rice over to their side, the 9ers could be in position to acquire a few good picks.

No longer should the 9ers sit idle, and watch teams take stabs at their roster without even attempting to shield the heart and soul of the team. The 49ers should press tampering charges, even if it's against long time 49er coach and friend Mike Shanahan. A simple no more Mr. Nice Guy policy would help the 9ers rebuild quicker, and also stop teams from scratching their roster, thereby allowing more time to develop their own talent. Without question the 49ers should start pressing tampering charges, and not stop until teams learn, the 49ers are not a push over.
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