NFC West Crown --11/27/01
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Excuse me while I go optimistic on you. With the Rams loss last night on Monday Night Football the 49ers are now only half a game back from first place in the NFC West. Is that cause for excitement? I certainly think so. Sure there was a time when anything less than first place was considered an ultimate failure, but we are talking about the 49ers of today, not of the past. Now 8-2 and trailing the Rams by only half a game (because the 49ers lost to the Rams earlier this season), the 49ers seem to be on their way back to regaining the spot that is rightfully theirs - first place in the NFC West.

There really is no question that the NFC West Crown belongs to the 49ers, even if they havenít won it recently. Truth of the matter is that the 49ers believe this trophy is belongs to them, and this season they seem to be on a mission to recapture its glory. The 49ers have already assured themselves that for the first time in two seasons the team will not have a losing record. A pretty impressive turnaround for a salary cap hindered team.

The 49ers have a tough end of schedule having to play the Rams, Dolphins and Saints before the seasonís end. There is no time to take a breath really, and the team must continue to take each game one at a timeÖ That wont be an easy task with the Rams only two weeks away.

This week the Bills will be coming to town, and they are a team that could upset the 49ers, and really hinder the chances of recapturing that crown. The 49ers need to take this opponent seriously, and get passed them in order to focus on the Rams. The team canít afford to let this one slip. In order to recapture their crown the 49ers need to play at their best and put a solid four quarters together.

Should the 49ers go to St. Louis with an equal record to the Rams, the 49ers would have a real shot at getting back on top of the NFL. Though the Rams have had the 49ers number lately, the 49ers have put up a fight in each game, and almost came away victorious earlier this season.

Itís crucial that the 49ers not look ahead. But by all means, if you are fan, have some fun, get a little optimistic. The 49ers of the past always benefited from a, you canít beat us attitude, the fans felt that way too. To regain the glory, the team will need that attitude behind them and as fans we can help. Be the twelfth man on the field, and get optimistic as the 49ers attempt to recapture their NFC West Crown.

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