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Celebrateing NFC West
December 10 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Itís been five years since the 49ers last held the NFC West championship. Five long years, of seeing players like Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Tim McDonald, Merton Hanks, Ken Norton Jr, Winfred Tubbs, Lee Woodall, and many, many other stars leaving the 49ers. Players like Jeff Garcia, Terrell Owens, Tai Streets, Tony Parrish, Ahmed Plummer and Julian Peterson have assumed the star role, but until this past weekend, had been unable to accomplish any sort championship as a team.

The division crown assures the 49ers a spot in the playoffs, and a game at home, but is really just the start of what the 49ers hope is a successful playoff run. The 49ers will try and build on their last minute heroics as they face the Packers this weekend.

To insure the best possible spot in the playoffs the 49ers will have to win each of its final three games, and hope that Tampa Bay and Philadelphia drop at least one game each. Otherwise, at some point this post season the 49ers will head on the road, and winning in the playoffs in cities like Green Bay and Philadelphia is an extremely tough task.

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