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NFC Outlook
November 20 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Preface - I do apologize, but the amount of original content will be drastically less until November 29th. Most of you know Iím currently doing my undergraduate degree, and unfortunately over the next two weeks I have three exams, and four papers due. Sorry for the inconvenience, I do anticipate things returning to normal at the end of November. Thank you for your understanding.

The 49ers missed out on making a great move in the NFC this week. A win, combined with the losses of Green Bay and New Orleans, would have left the 49ers in much better position. The loss ended up keeping things status quo, with the exception of the Rams gaining a game, and are now just two back from the 49ers.

The 49ers will face the Philadelphia Eagles this Monday, and with both teams being 7-3 and belonging to the NFC it will likely be a pivotal game in the playoff race, where the two teams are currently tied for the third and fourth seeds into the playoffs. The Bucs will face the Saints in a key December 1st showdown.

The Packers and Buccaneers own the first two NFC playoff seeds. The Packers face the 49ers on December 15th which could be another pivotal NFC match up. This game along with the season finale against the Rams could be the difference maker for the 49ers in the playoff race.

All these teams are vying for home field advantage. It is seen as a major advantage for some of these teams to not have to play in others arenas during the playoffs. The 49ers never want to visit Green Bay, while the Packers would rather stay away from muddy San Francisco. The same could be said for Bucs and Packers, and the Saints, an indoor team would much rather stay home all year. Meanwhile Philadelphia can be a daunting place in the winter too.

Itís a great set of teams vying for the palyoffs and home field advantage. The Packers could have clinched a playoff spot with a victory last week. Now they will have to wait, as an interesting playoff race heats up.

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