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More Newberry
May 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
As we learn more about the situation regarding the battery charges against Jeremy Newberry, it becomes more and more likely that he is indeed as innocent and he so pleas. Newberry’s long time reputation as a ‘good guy’ will likely be left un-tarnished. While Newberry has yet to be found innocent of the situation, but it does sound like this will be the second alleged charges against Newberry for the sole purpose of trying to get into his bank account.

Before the beginning of last season, two men tried to press charges against Newberry for beating them up. The police found no evidence, and Newberry wasn’t charged. This situation sounds quite similar, only Newberry’s sister did indeed strike the other woman.

Until we receive further information it’s hard not to take Newberry’s word for it. The all-star player has excelled with the 49ers, and has been nothing but an upstanding citizen throughout his entire life. His father a former policeman has instilled the letter of the law in him, and it seems rather rational to take Newberry’s word for it for the time being.

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