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Newberry Claims Innocence
May 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
It was quite a relief to find that Jeremy Newberry was claiming innocence after being charged with battery against a 23-year old woman. Newberry was the second 49er this week to be arrested, in a trend, the 49ers would rather not see develop. His side of the story however, backs his gentle persona and is reason enough for people to be innocent until proven guilty.

Fans were quick to jump to Newberry’s defense, and though I still believe if Newberry did commit the violent act, he should be punished in the same manner as Vinny Sutherland will be. Newberry however, explained the situation as a fight between his sister and another girl, and it now seems quite likely that other girl was just trying to get some of Newberry’s latest signing bonus.

"My sister smacked the girl the in face. I was standing next to her, so they put me in the mix, I didn't get near the broad, so I'm not worried about the legal issue of it." Said Newberry. Clearly this is a good sign for the all pro center, and his future with the 49ers. Apparently, Newberry’s family was on location of the incident, and they may or may not witness to the fight that Newberry claimed was provoked by the ‘victim’.

Newberry went on to say that the girl had shoved his sister and his sister hit back with an open hand. According to him, that was the end of the dispute. The victim was not someone Newberry’s family knew.

The typically gentle Newberry stressed that if he would never hit a woman. Not only is it morally wrong, but Newberry said hid “dad would beat [him] up if [he] hit a woman.” Newberry expressed adamantly that he does not get mixed up in this sort of thing, and claimed the charge was just a technicality.

Last off-season Newberry was fingered by a couple man about being involved in a fight, but after police interviewed him, they did not lay charges. This is likely a similar situation, if Newberry speaks the truth; and he’s given no reason to doubt him yet. It comes as a great relief to hear that Newberry appears to be innocent of any wrong doing - but also that he is not a woman beater. Newberry is known for being a great character, and the last thing he would want is reputation tarnished in such a matter. It’s easy to believe Newberry, who comes across, as kind and gentle sole, and it’s great to hear that Newberry has indeed maintained his typical upstanding community members in this incident.

Oh by the way - if you have any good ideas for a present for a 23 year old male, computer and karate entusiast, I’m very interested in hearing from you. >

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