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Charges Dropped
June 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Citing lack of evidence, the charges against Jeremy Newberry for battery have been dropped. The month old charges were pressed when Newberry and his sister Jennifer were on a boat and a dock that they frequent. A dispute occurred between Jennifer and another boater at Lake Berryessa.

Newberry has denied striking the women from the onset; nevertheless, charges had to be filed. After a month of interviewing witnesses Napa County District Attorneys the police arrived at the conclusion that Newberry did not hit the woman, but did grab her arm and push her while she was attacking his head.

Misdemeanor battery charges still are being filed on Jennifer, but her lawyer is hopeful that the situation will be settled before the August 6th trial date.

The Newberry siblings’ father was a police officer, and thus they are quite familiar with the law. This has been a particularly stressful time for Jeremy who contends that he would never stroke a woman. Given the results of the police investigation, there appears to be some vindication for Jeremy. Still, a civil suit revolving around a bar fight last year, hangs over Newberry’s head. Police did not press charges after their investigation last off-season, but recently, a civil suit was launched against Newberry by those who allege he struck them. Jeremy hopes to have that suit settle shortly too so he can focus all of his efforts on football.

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