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Newberry Right Handed
September 19 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Center Jeremy Newberry will have full function of his right hand when the 49ers return to action on Sunday against the Redskins. The right handed Newberry has been snapping the ball with his left hand, and has been playing with a large cast all along his right hand.

While snapping with his left hand, Newberry and quarterback Jeff Garcia had just one fumbled snap, which isnít that bad. Newberry however, will be happy to get full function of his hand back, for snapping and to help in blocking.

Playing offensive line with an arm in a cast is not an easy job. Itís even more difficult when you have to snap the ball too. Newberry gaining function of his arm, will help the 49ers offensive line with pass protection and run blocking.

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