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Newberry Gets Some Positive Press
August 16 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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After suffering through two law suits, both of which Newberry appears innocent in, the player is finally getting some positive press. The well respected, starting center for the 49ers has been giving back to the community. Of course, for those that know him, this is no surprise. Newberry is a highly respectable player and person. Contrary to some bad press, Newberry is actually an all around good guy.

Jeremy has been focusing his attention on today’s youth. He spends lots of hours speaking to students about the importance of education for their future. He emphasizes that great athletic ability is not enough to get you anywhere in this world, and points to friends of his who have been denied scholarships and chances to make the pro-leagues because they ignored their grades as youngsters.

Newberry is also setting up a foundation that will help needy children to participate in youth sports. But in the past has been known for collecting toys with firefighters for underprivileged children at Christmas. Most recently, Newberry has joined with the Daniel Teicheira Memorial Fund Committee to help raise money to build a football stadium at a high school. Danie Teircheira was a big fan of Newberry’s who was killed in a car accident. As a tailback his dream was to play in a stadium at his campus because his team had to bus elsewhere to play games. While Newberry may not be able to attend meetings with the group because of his hectic schedule, he will help out by submitting some autographed merchandise and in whatever other ways he can.

Football players are often written about when they get in trouble with the law, or their community. Although it happens nearly every day, the stories about the good that players do rarely get any publicity. Jeremy Newberry is one player who does a lot of good. Certainly he deserves some credit for giving back to the community.

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