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A Needed Fix
April 20 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The football season is the shortest professional sports league. Starting in September and ending usually at the end of January the NFL is an action packed five months. But with the season lasting for less than half a year, it makes for a very, very long off-season. Perhaps that's why the media jumps on the NFL Draft to a much greater extent than it does for the NBA, NHL or MLB. The media likely recognizes that craving for football all off-season, so by the end of April, football fans everywhere are incredibly anxious.

And so in a forty-eight hour bonanza of sorts, we fans get to enjoy the NFL Draft. Really it comes at a point in the off-season where news would otherwise be at a minimum, and where fans are aching to know what their favourite team has in store for the coming season. Great timing.

The NFL Draft is more than the picking of seven (usually) players. It's more than watching boys get million dollar cheques. It's a needed fix, like sugar is for a person on a diet. Many of us crave football, need football, and the draft, forty-eight consecutive hours of analysis, trades and blockbuster moves - it's enough to fix that craving till at least the teams first mini-camp.

Yes the NFL draft is finally upon us. Yes, we can finally take a weekend to catch up on our teams. And yes, we can begin the speculation. Fantasy teams are being jotted down, Super Bowl odds analyzed, the NFL Draft is the start of it all.

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