My Way Or The High Way --11/05/01
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With the controversies of the past week between coach Steve Mariucci and receiver Terrell Owens now spilling over into this week, one has to wonder why the coach doesnít simply say ďItís my way or the high wayĒ. Heís done it before, look no further than Lawrence Phillips for that. So does Mooch have a double standard for superstars?

Terrell Owens is most certainly the biggest offensive threat on the team. His mouth is also a threat, but a different kind of one at that. The team has to credit Owens with most of its wins, and while he is responsible for giving up some big plays in losses to, clearly, on the field Owens does more good than bad.

The debate continues then as to what to do with Owens. The team needs him to win, but canít afford the distraction he brings to the team. Ideally, Owens needs a mentor, someone to tell him right from wrong. But itís a little late in the season to find a mentor for Owens, let alone someone heíd listen too.

Mariucci is a very talented coach and politician. But this distraction seems almost supernatural. He canít figure out how to stop it. This is beginning to be a real hindrance on the team. As much as the players may claim to be brushing it aside, itís no doubt a distraction.

Itís not time for Mariucci to present Owens with an ultimatum. Call it a double standard, call it what you will. Case and point, both parties are willing to do whatever it takes to win, even if that means cooperating on game day. Perhaps the media should give this topic a rest, maybe pick a new one, like the stellar play of Ahmed Plummer this season. Owens and Mariucci have learned to coexist, nobody says they have to be friends. We will all just have to live with that.

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