A Move For The Future - 06/06/99
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The 49ers made a move this week that will solidify their future success in the National Football League.  They resigned star receiver Terrell Owens.  Terrell Owens is the future of the 49ers receiving game.  With the signing of Owens, the 49ers have also made sure that they will have their 3 set tandem back in the coming years.  Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, and J.J. Stokes are a force that not set of defensive backs would like to go up against.  With Steve Young at quarterback, the potential of this 49ers offence, complete for its second year is amazing.
Owens has already made an impact on the NFL.  Last season he showed that he can be the star player, the go to guy, over and over again making the tough catch.  Last season Terrell Owens caught the "redemption reception" to vault the 49ers past The Packers for the first time in several years.  The touchdown catch the Owens made was far from ordinary.  He had to vault himself up between three defenders to make the grab.
The 49ers are committed to being the leading team of the future.  This is evident in the way they acquire players, and keep their stars.  Owens is the perfect example of how the 49ers want to build for the future.  They know the offence works, and with the re-vamped front office, it's no wonder they know which talent is essential to keep.
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