More Young- 10/29/99
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There has been much controversy on Steve Young's future status with the 49ers and quite honestly there really shouldn't be. As much as we would all like to see Young tossing more touchdowns, setting more records and winning another Super Bowl, we must face the music. Steve Young should retire, never play again, and save his brain. It really is that simple, his life depends on his retirement, and putting that in jeopardy is simply ridiculous.

Another concussion, Steve Young said years ago, would force him into retirement, the question is why is he considering coming back if he has already stated otherwise? Well he is a competitor and has always given it his all, he simply can't walk away. The same occured with Montana, and Lott, and Craig, none of whom left on their own terms, and unfortunately neither will Steve Young.

Leaving on your own terms is a rare thing in pro-sports, there are very few players as lucky as John Elway who retire after winning the big one twice in a row. Those who do feel honoured, and those who don't - well they shouldn't be disapointed. It really is no surprise that even if Young is available to play again he will have a tough time cracking a starting line-up.

I fully comend the 49ers organization for keeping Young out, but I do question why they didn't protect him in the first place. Anyone missing Kevin Gogan now?
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