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More Rumors About The 49ers Stadium Issue
May 22 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers inability to get a new stadium built over the past several years has landed the team a spot as the key target in the stadium speculation report. Rumors are flying about whether the 49ers will get a new stadium or not, the most recent one has the team moving to LA. Recent news around the NFL has a state of the art stadium on its way to a Downtown Los Angeles near you. Although nothing of this sort has been confirmed yet, it seems quite realistic.

Earlier this off-season commissioner Paul Tagliabue announced that the NFL would not be looking to expand on the current NFL franchise number of thirty two. A stadium in LA, with no team is useless, and that’s when the rumors began about the possibility of the 49ers moving.

We’ve all heard these rumors before, we’ve all heard rumors of the team being up for sale before. Nothing has ever come of it, and so we shouldn’t exactly be worried about our beloved team. It should however be a wake up call. The 49ers need to act fast and start building there stadium in San Francisco. The ramifications of not building one simply outweigh the chance that ticket prices and season tickets will go up in price and / or demand some sort of new license. The chance of losing the 49ers is far worse than paying a little more to see a team we love.

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