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Several 49ers Impressive
June 6 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
At every camp the 49ers hold there are a few players that stick out from the rest of the pack. These players are rarely the superstars, like Jeff Garcia, Garrison Hearst, or Terrell Owens; we know that these guys bring a great game to the field. The players that stick out in camp, are usually those fighting for a roster spot or making the move from rookie to sophomore.

Over the past few weeks weíve heard that Andre Carter is on fire, as is Kevan Barlow. We have head that players like Jason Webster and Jonas Lewis are improving too. But still there are more worth mentioning - and thatís a good thing. It indicates depth and promise for a good coming season.

Cornerback Mike Rumph continues to see extra time on the field, as Jason Webster brings along his recovery very slowly. The more the 49ers see Rumph on the field, the happier they are with their first round pick from this yearís draft. With Webster out of the line-up, the 49ers have also had the opportunity to see more of the cornerbacks vying for the fourth, and fifth position on the depth charts. Unfortunately for Anthony Parker though - this may lead to the end of his time with the 49ers. Parker has had his moments in mini-camp. He certainly knows the defense, but hasnít been able to bring a consistent game to the field. While heís looked like the best fourth corner at times, the man formerly projected as a starter for the team, has looked sluggish and out of place at other times. For Rashad Holman thatís great news. In his second off-season with the club, Holman has gained some weight, and looks very fluid in the 49ers defense. With consistent play, and continuing on his current learning curve, Holman will likely be the fourth cornerback on the depth chart. Jimmy Williams, has also taken advantage of the opportunity. Stepping up his play, and looking like a raw player, full with potential, perfect for the fifth cornerback spot. With Teddy Gaines nursing injuries to his legs, the 49ers may turn to Williams and Holman for the regular season roster.

Two receivers have also taken advantage of injuries to someone ahead of them on the depth chart. Tai Streets aggravated his hamstring this camp, and second year man, Cederic Wilson along with former sprinter Mike Jennings have made impressions on the coaching staff. Wilson has made some snazzy receptions while Jennings may have the edge over all the undrafted free agent receivers on the team. Jennings has earned a chance to return kicks, and if he proves he can do that this camp - he likely has a ticket to training camp.

There are sure to be others that will catch the coachís eyes before the team takes their summer breaks. The chance of a life time is being presented to about 80-indiviudals right now. If they managed to step up and make a few plays, things may just play out right for them. But with all this talent across the depth chart, itís great to see that the 49ers finally have some depth on their roster.

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